The World We Want Foundation promotes and supports Young Global Citizens making positive social change in their communities and around the world

We believe that Young Global Citizens have the passion, talent, determination, and power to create positive social change when given the resources to help them. 

Using the power of philanthropy, technology and an abundant network of mentors and partners, together we can galvanize opportunities to support the next generation of social innovators learning the skills they need to find real world solutions to local and global challenges.

To support these young agents of change, we

  • Offer a crowdfunding platform devoted to youth-generated, mentor-guided vetted social action projects--from community service projects to service-learning projects to seed funding for social enterprises
  • Build partnerships with a global network of mentors and partner organizations working in the field of youth leadership and development--including teachers, counselors, and program directors
  • Provide a project-based service-learning framework--Problem-Solution-Impact-Story model to be used in an urban classroom or a rural village
  • Jumpstart vetted projects with a micro-grant to show support for the teams and their partner organization
  • Distribute 100% of all project donations to the projects, no fees
  • Harness the power of social media and new technology to engage community building and market forces--both public and private partnerships
  • Evaluate and measure the teams outcomes delivering "Stories of Social Impact" to inspire and educate other youth to take action


  • Youth learn 21st century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, empathy and kindness--becoming effective leaders and engaged global citizens.
  • Youth experience real world learning to attain skills for future economic oppportunity and successful employment.
  • Youth Global Citizens help transform communities and their lives through service learning and the power of philanthropy.

How We Do It

We partner with 501(c)3 U.S. nonprofit organizations and civil society organizations registered under U.S. tax law, dedicated to youth leadership and development, education and empowerment.

Teams of Young Global Citizens generate and conduct Social Action Projects and are guided by mentors affiliated with partner organizations.  This is the community on the ground working with the teams to help them conduct and implement their Social Action Projects

Using the power of philanthropy for youth education and social change, we jumpstart vetted and accepted social action projects for the global community to support with us!

The Social Action Project

A Social Action Project is an organized, comprehensive, step-by-step strategy for addressing a societal problem or challenge.

Our Problem-Solution-Impact-Story model helps youth determine a meaningful and relevant action plan for their service project or social enterprise.

A Team  will:

  • Identify a problem, need, or challenge in the community
  • Research and develop a solution, an action plan and budget
  • Reflect, evaluate and record the outcome or impact in the community and on the team
  • Share their Story of Social Impact as a Digital Portfolio on our Showcase

The Story of Social Impact is the description and documentation of the creation, conduct, and outcome of a Social Action Project in a "digital portfolio" – any combination of compelling videos, slideshows, PowerPoint presentations, descriptive text, final reports, charts, graphs, photos, drawings, or other visual media.