Health Action Now!

Team: YES!

Raleigh, NC, US

Health & Well-Being

Economically disadvantaged (ED) students in the community of Wake County, North Carolina are far under-performing in school, as compared to non-ED students and data shows that they are missing more school related to health reasons. Pair this with the lack of a health care system that adequately reaches this population of youth and this becomes a systemic barrier to youth being healthy and meeting their potential. Team Yes! has been working on a solution for over three years and they need your help to establish the first school-based health center (SBHC) in Wake County.

All Hands In Baltimore

Team: Pay It Forward

Baltimore, MD, US


Ruby and Laya are back for their second year to expand on last year’s mission to help the homeless in their Baltimore, MD community. This year they have decided to mentor the first graders from the McDonogh Elementary School to help them collectively provide essential clothing, hygiene kits, and food. Due to the large success of their project last year, Ruby is confident that with your support they can expand their reach and impact, changing the lives of the homeless and the first graders in this pay-it-forward model of community service!

All Bullying Ceases

Support the team All Bullying Ceases founded in San Jose, California, a network of youth and community stakeholders working with ten middle schools and high schools that train youth on activities that address all forms of bullying. The innovative youth-driven initiative will affect over 200 students directly and 10,000 indirectly. Your contribution will help make this project a success in schools throughout California and further establish a model for other schools to replicate its successes in tackling the issue of bullying.

Youth Against Unemployment

Team: FLEX Armenia

Yerevan, , AM

Youth Unemployment

Armenia has the highest unemployment rate among youth 15-24 years old in the world – total: 57.6%, male: 47.2%, female: 69.4%. The statistics for young people who are willing to leave Armenia and not come back are: 18-19 years old: 36.8%, 20-24 years old: 39%, 25-30 years old: 34.3%. With our project we hope to lessen these numbers and instead raise the employability of young people in our country. Furthermore, we would like to promote entrepreneurial activity and encourage young people to realize creative and effective business and social projects for their own benefit as well as for the benefit of their communities.

My Dream City

Team: Dream City Moscow

Moscow, , RU


Over 200,000 children in Russia are housed and living in orphanages, and only 1 in 10 orphanage graduates become a productive member of society. Team Dream City Moscow, in Moscow, Russia, decided to not only create an awareness campaign about the problem but also create a long term social action project that included a pilot program with activities engaging the community and committed volunteers that could be implemented in several orphanages.

Xeni Gwetin Youth Happiness Project

Team: Youth Happiness Group

Nemiah Valley, BC, CA

Cultural Heritage

The Youth Happiness Team lives on First Nations Reserves in British Columbia, Canada, located in the Nemiah Valley. They are one of the only First Nations Reserves that have succeeded in preserving their culture and sustaining economical friendly development on the land. The Xeni Gwetin have struggled to protect their beautiful lakes and their Wild Horse Preserve and to keep their sacred land from being developed, so that it can be preserved for the next generations. The youth decided to create a social action project that creates community building to support a dialogue and mentorship between the Elders and the young people in order to increase skills in their tradition, culture, and entrepreneurship for the youth.