Youth Against Unemployment

Team: FLEX Armenia

Yerevan, , AM

Youth Unemployment

Armenia has the highest unemployment rate among youth 15-24 years old in the world – total: 57.6%, male: 47.2%, female: 69.4%. The statistics for young people who are willing to leave Armenia and not come back are: 18-19 years old: 36.8%, 20-24 years old: 39%, 25-30 years old: 34.3%. With our project we hope to lessen these numbers and instead raise the employability of young people in our country. Furthermore, we would like to promote entrepreneurial activity and encourage young people to realize creative and effective business and social projects for their own benefit as well as for the benefit of their communities.

My Dream City

Team: Dream City Moscow

Moscow, , RU


Over 200,000 children in Russia are housed and living in orphanages, and only 1 in 10 orphanage graduates become a productive member of society. Team Dream City Moscow, in Moscow, Russia, decided to not only create an awareness campaign about the problem but also create a long term social action project that included a pilot program with activities engaging the community and committed volunteers that could be implemented in several orphanages.

Xeni Gwetin Youth Happiness Project

Team: Youth Happiness Group

Nemiah Valley, BC, CA

Cultural Heritage

The Youth Happiness Team lives on First Nations Reserves in British Columbia, Canada, located in the Nemiah Valley. They are one of the only First Nations Reserves that have succeeded in preserving their culture and sustaining economical friendly development on the land. The Xeni Gwetin have struggled to protect their beautiful lakes and their Wild Horse Preserve and to keep their sacred land from being developed, so that it can be preserved for the next generations. The youth decided to create a social action project that creates community building to support a dialogue and mentorship between the Elders and the young people in order to increase skills in their tradition, culture, and entrepreneurship for the youth.

Wa$te Ed: A Documentary Promoting Sustainable Materials Management

Our society is creating unsustainable amounts of trash and pollution. Too many kids and adults fail to realize the impact their consumer choices have on the environment and human health. Manufacturers need to be more responsible for the waste they create, and lawmakers need to make them accountable. How do we begin to think "beyond waste?" Meet the Wa$te Ed Team committed to helping individuals learn about the power of consumer choice, voting with your dollars, and how policy changes through civic engagement with local entities can make a difference not only on a local level but on a global scale as well.

Supporting Our City's Special Waste Collection Center

Team: Filmmakers for Change

Elk Grove, CA, US


Congratulations to the Filmmakers for Change, a team of over twenty elementary students from the Foulks Ranch Elementary School in Elk Grove, California. The team shot and produced an instructional video to educate 150,000+ residents about the various new locations for hazardous waste and hard-to-recycle materials within the city limits. The students were given special permission by the City of Elk Grove to produce the film, empowering them to rally the community to use the new Special Waste Collection Center to protect their environment. Among their many awards, the team was honored with an award from the Carnegie Corporation. Watch as they tell their story!

All Hands In - India

Team: Pay It Forward

Baltimore, MD, US


The Pay It Forward team at the McDonogh School expanded their reach to include helping students in the community of Srirampuram, India, receive much needed school supplies for special needs students and dictionaries for students and young adults trying to prepare for college. See how the first and fifth grade classes collaborated to make a difference.