Project Summary

75% Funded

$3,738 Raised

of $5,000 Needed

Team: Youth Happiness Group

Nemiah Valley, BC, Canada

Team Coordinator: Kaleena Tanis


Project Mentor:

Annie Williams

Partner Organizations


British Columbia First Nation Fish Lake Nemiah Valley Wild Horse Preserve Xeni Gwetin


The Problem

The community found that we do not have a place or a building of positive influence for interacting and connecting the youth and Elders. We have realized that in our culture for generations the youth have learned from the Elders the culture, the morals, the legends, and the language that are important to our people. The ?Eniyud Health Centre is building an Elders and Youth Centre, but we need to create programs and workshops as well as purchase equipment and furnishings to make this a special and honorable place for the generations to come together.

The Solution

Building the Elders and Youth Centre in the heart of the community will bring strength and stability upon the people. The programs and space inside the building will be arranged so that shared activities can take place between the Elders and the youth. We are creating a small café and will participate in planning activities like salmon fishing and wagon trips for the community to interact together. Also, we plan to create a media center to interview the Elders and share their stories of the land and its people.

The Impact We Made

Youth would be able to meet with the Elders in a sacred space to connect to the land and the people and help build peace and happiness for all of the community.

What We Needed

We are asking for $5,000 to purchase high speed internet service, digital cameras for storytelling interviews and documenting cultural activities, and furnishings and supplies for our events and activities with the community.