Project Summary

100% Funded

$1,600 Raised

of $1,600 Needed

Team: True Colors

Team Coordinator: Pablo P.

San Rafael, CA

Project Mentor

Gail S

Partner Organizations


Civic engagement Conflict resolution


The Problem

People have a lot of stereotypes about immigrants and we wanted to show everyone our pride in who we are and what we care about.  Our neighborhood is pretty drab and there was no artwork for people to enjoy or to find inspiring.  We chose a project that would display our unity and the similar dreams that all people have to make a good life.  Also, we wanted a way to show how we are all connected in this global world.  We are not separate, and we all need to work to understand each other.

The Solution

We wanted to create a mural that will have a positive impact in our neighborhood.  We wanted people to walk by and be inspired by our ideas, our dreams, and our artwork.  Our mural displays how people who immigrate to America never give up and are able to overcome so many barriers.  Also, the symbols in our mural stand for something, for example the Golden Gate Bridge isn't just a bridge, it also shows that bridges connect people, families, communities, and the world.  We researched mural history and visited many murals in San Francisco in order to plan our project.  We worked with Precita Eyes, a group of professional mural artists, to help us with our project.

The Impact We Made

We hope that both our local community and the greater Bay Area community will be inspired by our ideas of unity, valuing education, and overcoming barriers that are shown in our mural.  We want people to walk or drive by our wall and be inspired by what students working together have accomplished.  We have added something of beauty to our neighborhood that will last a very long time.  We will teach younger students about the ideas in our mural so that they too will be inspired to study and work hard to make our world a peaceful place.

What We Needed

Originally we received a grant for $15,000 so that we could purchase supplies and pay Precita Eyes to work with us.  We requested another $1,600 and with this micro-grant we were able to pay each of the eight interns a small stipend for their work.