Project Summary

100% Funded

$450 Raised

of $450 Needed

Team: Team DeAnza

Team Coordinator: Jesus G.

Ventura, California, USA

Project Mentor

Adriana Santa Cruz

Partner Organizations


Community Awareness Teen Respect Tolerance


The Problem

There were a lot of problems in our community that we wanted to address. We decided to focus on bullying because it really comes down to respecting those around you. Bullying makes people feel badly about themselves and makes them not want to come to school or be around other people. Some kids even take their own lives because of bullying.

The Solution

We wanted to get the word out about bullying to try and get people to stop. We decided to make a poster that we could put up in our school and in other schools and places in our community. There was already a poster in our school about bullying, but it was very dark and no one wanted to look at it. We decided to make the poster bright and light and focused on respecting those around you. By talking about our poster, we raised awareness about the issue and are getting people to think before they disrespect others. One of our team member’s brothers is an artist and he helped us make the poster.

The Impact We Made

Our team hoped that by making this poster and telling people about our project, it would encourage people to think about what they’re doing when they bully someone else, whether it’s at school or online. It has made all of our team members think more about the issue and how we can help and not be bullies ourselves. Others have changed their behavior because of the poster. We will talk at our school’s orientation for new students to let them know that it’s not cool to disrespect others.

What We Needed

We requested $450 to help with the costs of paying the local artist to help us design our poster and to pay for printing costs.