Project Summary

No Funding Requested

Team: Value Us All

Team Coordinator: Faisal Aqarbeh

Al Karak, Jordan

Project Mentor

Sabah Nawaiseh

Partner Organizations


Bullying Community Building School Violence


The Problem

We noticed in our community there seemed to be an increase in violence in schools. This included not only students harming other students, but sometimes students harming teachers and teachers harming students. We decided this needed to be investigated and stopped.

The Solution

We decided the best place to start would be to interview students in the local elementary school to see what the extent of the problem was.  We discovered that many of the kids were experiencing violence at school, often from their own teacher and decided the best thing we could do would be to establish an education and awareness campaign for elementary school children.  We wanted to make them aware at an early age that it is not okay for a teacher to hit them, and it is not okay for them to be violent towards others, either.   By teaching the kids in elementary schools to steer clear of violence, we know it will help them as they progress to older grades and adulthood.

The Impact We Made

In doing this project, we wanted to make a difference in our local elementary school.  Our awareness program is now being used in schools all throughout Al Karak, which makes us feel so good about our efforts.  We know we worked very hard to make positive change in our community and help our younger siblings and friends know that they can help stop violence and what steps they should take if they become victims of violence.

Something else that was really great about our project is that for the first time, boys and girls worked together on the same project.  This is not common in our country, and it was nice to be able to work together.  We also had people from different religious backgrounds working together on this cause, which was great.  It really helped bring a lot of us closer and made some members of our community see that it’s okay to work together to accomplish good things.  It also made us feel very good about trying to do positive things going forward -- to remember to believe in ourselves and we can accomplish what we set out to do.

What We Needed

We needed help getting our surveys and our awareness program printed. We worked with a local printing company to do the work for us for free. At first, the shop owner did not want to help us with everything that we needed, but we were persistent and told him it was for a good cause and to help children. In the end, he printed all of our materials.