Project Summary

100% Funded

$2,500 Raised

of $2,500 Needed

Team: Dream City Moscow

Moscow, , Russian Federation

Team Coordinator: Anna Safronova


Project Mentor:

Lyaysan Sultanova

Partner Organizations


Global Youth Service Day Moscow orphanages Russia


The Problem

Over 200,000 children in Russia are housed and living in orphanages. One of the big challenges that an orphan faces is the lack of educational opportunities. Orphans are deprived of parental emotional support and proper role models and mentors who could help them overcome the challenges and obstacles they face in their lives. Many children in orphanages need psychological help and the friendship and advice of their peers, children of their own age. Children in orphanages typically begin school later in life and fall behind in cognitive development. There are a high percentage of kids in orphanages who feel insecure, abandoned not only by their families, but by society as well.

The Solution

Our Team has spent time creating awareness of the challenges faced by orphans in Russia. We want to go a step further and start making steps toward solving problems children in orphanages face. One side of our action plan is to hold monthly activities for orphans of different age groups: cognitive workshops for small kids from 6 to 12, sport activities, eco-days and fieldtrips, talks with teenagers about the special privileges and educational opportunities provided by the Russian government and other developmental activities.

We have planned for month-by-month activities to engage orphans to learn new skills and feel productive and connected in over 10 pilot orphanages. The orphanages are chosen according to their goals and programming requests.

The next step of our solution is to engage volunteers to devote their time to participate and organize activities in their community. This is a long-term goal to have volunteers commit and work with the orphanage community and the My Dream City staff in regions across Russia.

The Impact We Made

The activities and events planned will help forge relationships between volunteers and our My Dream City networks working in several orphanages in different cities across Russia, all at the same time. The events will be promoted through our website and social networks and The World We Want Foundation Showcase. Examples of the impact of our activities include some of the following: books and reading day will generate fun and an amusing way for kids to read and want to learn more; cooking and baking activities teach healthy nutrition and self-sufficiency; Thanksgiving day activities are devoted to teaching kids not just to receive but also give back to the community and their fellows; older kids become “best buddies”; drama and pantomime lessons help kids to overcome insecurity and lack of confidence and learn to express themselves; digital learning activities will give teenagers basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, all vital for academic and employment life in the future.

What We Needed

We are applying for a grant of $2,500 to help us support the activities planned in several orphanages across Russia.