Project Summary

No Funding Requested

Team: Water Circle

Team Coordinator: Kevin Kilroy

Niger, Africa

Project Mentor

Barbara Goldberg

Partner Organizations


Borehole wells Girls' education Maternal morbidity Niger Safe drinking water West Africa


The Problem

1 out of 4 children die before the age of 5 in Niger, West Africa, typically from a simple case of diarrhea or other water-borne diseases. Girls don't go to school because they must help their mothers walk 4 to 6 miles per day to get water, which is often contaminated.

The Solution

Create an advocacy campaign and conduct fundraisers to help support the drilling of borehole wells in villages in Niger. Also, help other young people conduct advocacy efforts to spread the message and commit to helping the people in Niger and making an important social impact on their lives.

The Impact We Made

When a borehole well is drilled in a village, lives are transformed. Child mortality is reduced by 70% and girls go to school. When girls are educated, they tend to marry later and bear children later, reducing the chances of death in childbirth and other life-debilitating problems. By bringing awareness to this problem, Kevin’s Water Circle has brought joy to villagers in Niger and to her community as well. Not only was the school engaged in hearing the stories, but business people supported the efforts too, so that fundraising activity increased and more boreholes were drilled, transforming more lives. The Team learned so much about the importance of sharing knowledge and resources with others.

What We Needed

We did not request funding.