Project Summary

42% Funded

$4,165 Raised

of $10,000 Needed


Team: H.Y.P.E. (Healthy Youth Peer Education) Media Program

Allentown, PA, United States

Team Coordinator: Jenna Azar


Project Mentor:

Jenna Azar

Project Mentor:

Lora Taub-Pervizpour

Partner Organizations


Arts Documentary Education Filmmaking Youth Entrepreneurship


The Problem

This year the school district in Allentown, Pennsylvania cut art class, gym class, and library instruction down to only nine hours per student for the entire year. Next year, the district proposes to eliminate all three classes entirely to help make up for the inadequate school budget. One-third of the teaching staff is about to be laid off. We understand that there is a crisis in educational funding in our state and the country overall, but without art there is little room for creativity at the school. Eliminating arts from the schools will directly impact nearly 18,000 students ages 5-18.

Our Solution

We will use our skills to create a feature length documentary about the importance of arts in the lives of children; the impact of eliminating art from the school curriculum; and examine the evidence from other communities about the benefits of investing in arts education for the individual and community at large. Our documentary will take one year to produce—six months to film and six months to edit.

The Impact We Hope to Make

We want our documentary to spark community dialogue and action. We will document how arts has a positive impact on youth and the community and ultimately want the power of the documentary to restore the arts program at schools in Allentown, Pennsylvania. We also hope this documentary will prevent other schools in the country from shutting down arts programs as well. Our team will learn about civic engagement as well as build skills in literacy, digital media communication and collaboration to create positive social change.

What We Need

We need funding for educational, technological and professional assistance in producing our documentary and to create our campaign for the arts in our community and across the country.