Project Summary

100% Funded

$650 Raised

of $650 Needed

Team: Pay It Forward

Baltimore, MD, United States

Team Coordinator: Ruby Jocelyn


Project Mentor:

Mary Catherine Irving

Partner Organizations


Baltimore homeless homelessness Maryland McDonogh School Pay it forward


The Problem

According to last year’s census, there are 4,088 homeless people living in Baltimore City. We cannot solve this problem, but we want to help make their lives a little easier. Some of the main needs for homeless in the city are food, hygiene items and warm clothing.

The Solution

We know that we cannot solve homelessness, but we can make a difference. We are going to work with 60 first graders once a month for the school year. We will help plan and manage several projects, including making blankets for the homeless, providing hygiene kits and making bags of trail mix to hand out throughout the city. One of our main goals is to help the first graders learn that they are able to do big things and to help a lot of people – something we want them to keep with them throughout their lives as they hopefully continue to serve in larger capacities as they get older.

The Impact We Made

We will know our project is successful if two things happen. First, we will hear stories from Mrs. Irving about the men and women who received the things we collected and made and know that we helped ease the suffering of various homeless individuals and families in the Baltimore area. Second, we know that we are going to help teach the first graders that even though they are young, they really can help others and make a difference. The first graders will learn that life is not all about just them, but that they need to see and care about the people around them. We are helping establish a pay-it-forward legacy at our school that we hope will continue for many years.

What We Needed

We are asking for $650 to purchase fleece blankets, socks and food items to distribute. We will also be working with local hotels and businesses for donations for the hygiene kits. The first graders also do extra chores around their homes to earn some money for additional supplies.