Project Summary

No Funding Requested

Team: Team Keystone

Ventura, CA, United States

Team Coordinator: Michael Scott


Project Mentor:

Martha Gonzalez

Partner Organizations


Boys and Girls Club fundraiser Keystone Club natural disasters Tornados


The Problem

Many times after a natural disaster there is a large outpouring of support immediately afterwards, but support wanes after the cameras leave. Boys and Girls Clubs across the nation are working on a project called "After the Camera's Leave" with their Keystone leadership clubs. The goal of the project is to bring relief and attention to areas that have been hit by natural disasters after the news crews have left. After doing some research, our club in Ventura, CA, decided to help victims of the Woodward Tornado Disaster in Oklahoma.

The Solution

Our team partnered with a local Denny’s restaurant to help raise money and awareness for people affected by the Woodward Tornado Disaster in Oklahoma. Our team worked as servers, hostesses, and bus boys in the restaurant. As a result, 20% of all sales from the evening, plus 100% of our tips and cash donations will be sent to the local Red Cross in Oklahoma to help the tornado victims.

The Impact We Made

We want the people in Oklahoma to know that people in California care about what happened to them. We also want to provide financial resources to the Red Cross that will help them buy necessary supplies to help those most in need. By sending much needed funds to affected families and connecting the teenagers in Ventura with the teenagers and families of Oklahoma, we will make this project as personal as possible. We also want to raise awareness about disasters in our own community so that people know what's going on and that they can help. Hopefully others will be inspired by what we have done and do fundraisers in their own communities.

What We Needed

We are working with the local community to raise money to send to Oklahoma. We are not requesting any funds from The World We Want Foundation. We hope others will do similar fundraisers in their towns.