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49% Funded

$1,225 Raised

of $2,500 Needed


Team: Team Seeds

Bangalore, , India

Team Coordinator: Anisha Mudaliar


Project Mentor:

Dr. Paul Kim

Project Mentor:

Addison Embrey

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The Problem

The voices of young individuals in underprivileged urban slums or remote rural villages in the developing world are not often heard. In most cases, there is a high level of illiteracy and lack of education. Team Seeds is working with Niveditha Vidya Peetha, a school for 120 children (pre-primary to 7th grade) who come from the nearby slum, called Chinnappa Gudusidu Slum. Many of the children were originally child laborers or were kept at home to carry out household duties. The school is run by the Sri Sarada Math and has a population of 65% girls and 35% boys. There are more girls because it is mainly girls who are deprived of an education in this community, and the school prefers to take in children who are otherwise deprived of the chance to go to school.

Our Solution

Our solution is to promote literacy for youth living in poverty-stricken areas by mobilizing them to become empowered and original storytellers. In order to do so, we will conduct storytelling workshops that teach children to use the Pocket Mobile learning device in the communities of Bangalore and Nagpur. We will collect the children's stories and then publish the best work internationally for mobile learning applications at mobile application stores (e.g., Apple app store, Amazon kindle e-book store). The proceeds of these mobile application sales will be returned to the storytellers, their families, and communities to promote entrepreneurship and support the local education system.

The Impact We Hope to Make

Our 1,001 Stories project intends to plant seeds of hope and opportunity for underserved communities around the world. We hope to raise global awareness around the issues of literacy, education, and poverty alleviation. As the children's stories are universal, this project promotes global citizenship by sharing tales of empowerment, hope, and peace with youth around the world. We hope our project helps to fund the next generation of creative innovators and entrepreneurs.

What We Need

Team Seeds is requesting $2500 to help cover some of their travel costs from the US to India and some of the in-country living expenses.

Updates (1)

Thanks so much for your post,

Thanks so much for your post, Akshai! We really appreciate your support. Dr. Kim is indeed an incredible mentor and leader. He has chosen to tackle some really tough issues, but he has led the way as an absolute inspiration to all those around him--we have much to learn from him! Thanks for sharing.

Update on Project 2/14/13


I just wanted to provide an update on how things have been going with the project. We have finished all the translation of the stories from Kannada, Marathi, and Hindi to English. We are now in the process of finalizing which stories will be published for our mobile application, and then we will start on the design process to illustrate the selected stories! Thanks for all your support through this process. We look forward to the final product, and we will continue to keep this page updated with our progress.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss the project! My email is

Best wishes,

Absolutely fantastic and

Absolutely fantastic and brilliant idea. I believe that everyone has a story to tell, has their own story, and that story in and of itself can have significant impacts. Getting the world to understand an individual's story from the individual itself is the best way to drive and mobilize the global populous to do something about it.

I am actually in Dr. Kim's Stanford Designing a New Learning Environment Venture Lab course - What an inspiring person, who does such great work, and challenges us all in the class to do our best and put forth our best. "I am sure you must have challenges with your team projects. I assure you, NOTHING is easy. If it were easy, anyone can do it. You don’t want to work on something anyone can do. You have the background knowledge now. You have the talent for it. Most of all, you have the iron-will just right for your kind of task. You can do it. You can lead and you can make a difference. You can make another story of great success. I will be here with you as you make your story in this class and beyond." - Prof. Paul Kim.