Everybody Dance Now! Santa Barbara

Team: EDN! Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, CA, US

Health & Well-Being

6% Funded


When our founder, Jackie Rotman, was 12, she performed a hip-hop dance for eighty teens with disabilities. In response to a technical difficulty with her music, she adapted her performance by inviting audience members onstage to have their own opportunity to express themselves through dance. From watching dozens of teens empowered, exhilarated, and full of self-confidence from dancing, she learned that dance is more than a physical activity; it is a powerful creative force that can bring people together and give them joy and self-esteem.

Zaya Learning Labs

Team: Team Zaya

East Palo Alto, CA, US


37% Funded


Team Zaya is on a mission to provide world-class personalized learning to disadvantaged children between the of ages 6 and 13 years in India. Zaya seeks to help these kids through its "hubs" and "labs", by bringing online education to the bottom of the pyramid. This project empowers and trains women to run after school programs that will not only create sustainable jobs, but also address critical educational and societal needs.

Del Oro Aquaponics

Meet the Del Oro High School Future Farmers of America Team! They’ve built an aquaponics greenhouse system at their school to help supply the school and the community with fresh vegetables and to teach alternative methods of food production to the students. With your help they can increase production to feed more students fresh, local produce and develop a related agricultural science and associated (STEM) curriculum to scale their work.

J-Serve Pittsburgh 2014

Team: J-Serve 2014 Steering Committee

Pittsburgh, PA, US

Cultural Heritage

4% Funded


Our team is working to show the Pittsburgh community the impact that Jewish teens can make in just one day and enforce the Jewish value "tikkun olam" which means, "repairing the world . Last year we had 300 teens work with us and this year we want to break 400! Jews in our world are becoming less and less prevalent but we want to continue to make our mark in the world and with such a diverse community, Pittsburgh is a great place to embrace who you are! We want the teens in the area to feel empowered!

Quincy Asian Resources, Inc.: Youth ServiceCorps

Team: QARI Youth Board

Quincy, MA, US


14% Funded


In the last 20 years, Quincy, Massachusetts, USA, has turn into a hub for Asian immigrants, primarily Chinese immigrants, and many are former Boston Chinatown residents moving away from the high cost of rent and living in the city. 24% of Quincy's population is of Asian decent with a student population over 10,000 in the Quincy Public School district. There is a large under served population of Asian students and their families with limited English proficiency, facing a difficult transition into the American educational system, and unfamiliar with American systems and culture.

Pirates for Change Oceanside High School CA

Team: Pirates for Change

Oceanside, CA, US

Character Development

33% Funded


Meet Team Pirates for Change, a group of Oceanside High School students who are committed to creating a safe and supportive school for all students. Through their social action project---an innovative character building solution, and with the help of other collaborative partners, they are working to create unity at Oceanside High School. The mission of Pirates for Change is "developing our community one student at a time.” By supporting their project, Pirates for Change will help build a network of young people willing and able to unify a whole school and community to promote peace and mutual respect.